Access to fibre optic Internet 200 MBPS (symmetrical)

  • MetroEthernet leading-edge technology, high availability and redundant
  • 1 GB Access with an effective throughput of 200 MBPS
  • Immediate Backup access of 200 MBPS with 200 MBPS MetroEthernet technology
  • Internet flat rate
Fiber network connected to the Main Operations Centre (CPO) of R, which is backed by several international carriers and ensuring the robustness of the solution

IP Telephony

  • IP telephony equipment
  • Availability and immediate installation of several ranges of IP terminals
  • Wireless extensions (teleoperator)
  • Personalized switchboard service
  • Remote monitoring and maintenance system
  • Telematic manager of telephone incidents
  • Added services of voice mailbox,caller ID,..,
  • Free calls to IP extensions of any company in the Park within the net
  • Multiple teleconferencing service
  • Service that allows immediate scalability and adaptable to any type of company

Other Services

  • Virtual networks for Internet access
  • RDSI/IP Videoconference
  • Network backup
  • Purchasing Management/renewal of domains
  • Safe Email
  • Primary or secondary DNS server
  • Wireless zone
  • Teledistribution